In 2009, the Design Phase of ConservationSpace was undertaken by

the Office of Digital Assets and Infrastructure (ODAI) at Yale

University with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. 

In the fall of 2010, the National Gallery of Art, with additional support

from Mellon and the commitment of a group of institutional partners,

began one-year project to define the technical requirements and

scope of work associated with the development of ConservationSpace.

The goal of ConservationSpace is to develop an open-source software application that will address a core need of the conservation community for a shared solution to the problem of documentation management. The conservation community has long recognized that a digital approach to managing its documentation would improve continuity in procedures, increase access, expand research opportunities, and better ensure the preservation of its documents.

Design Phase

Planning Phase

Build Phase  [current phase]

ConservationSpace Partners Project Site [working Google site with most current documentation]

ConservationSpace Confluence Wiki [software development site hosted by Sirma Group]

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Open Source Application Design

and Development by and for the

Conservation Community